Abd al-Qadir

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Abd al-Qadir:

see Abd al-KaderAbd al-Kader
, c.1807–1883, Algerian military and religious leader. Although born to an anti-Turkish family, he was chosen emir of Mascara to fight the French invaders who had just defeated the Turks.
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The section would have been fine without the last two paragraphs (mentioning al-Jassas and excerpting 'Abd al-Qadir Badran), which I found unrelated to the topic.
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He was named Nasir 'Ali by his father, whereas his mother named him 'Abd al-Qadir.
In order to examine this religious observance empirically, the author looks not only at the text but also at the context of karamat reading, which is the recitation of some of the written religious texts referring to 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jaelani (Nif, Persia 1077/78 CE--Bagdad 1166 CE) that are performed by followers of the TQN in Bandung.
A year later, western Algerian "tribal leaders, 'ulama' (scholars) and urban notables" granted the bay'a to the populist resistance leader 'Abd al-Qadir.
Abu Talib never fails to surprise, as testified by his considerable impact on important Hanbali authorities, including 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Ibn al-Jawzi, and Ibn Taymiyya.
It is as though he does not review the source of information that has been transmitted in his works, as how he said, "Has been mentioned in the Iqna' literature", "Said by 'Abd al-Qadir al-Kaylani" (Sheikh Daud,: 77-78) contained in the Jam' al-Fawaid literature and "story from a young man among the kasyaf" which has been mentioned in Kifayah al-Muhtaj (Sheikh Daud,: 3).
Its formal head is 'Abd al-'Aziz Salame ("Hajji Anadan"), but his deputy 'Abd al-Qadir Salih ("Hajji Mari'") runs the military wing and may be the de facto leader.