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We were not happy with this, because signing up for a Microsoft .
Perhaps the most timely component here is a chapter that provides a good overview of Microsoft's popular .
NET users, who want to initiate a localization project with BGS, can receive a no-obligation cost estimate by accessing LocalizationGateway(TM), the BGS localization portal, and entering their Microsoft .
The European Commission has confirmed that software giant Microsoft has agreed to make 'radical' changes to its .
From a technical perspective, NET My Services is based on .
NET Alerts to extend the reach of the service for Verizon's customers and will also use the .
Pronto's OSS runs on Microsoft server platforms and supports multiple authentication schemes, including Microsoft IAS (RADIUS), LDAP, and .
This agreement builds upon the current integration of Oblix NetPoint's identity management infrastructure and enterprise application single sign-on features with Microsoft Active Directory and the .
Additionally, McGraw-Hill Construction is making its current online products and applications easier to interoperate with by enabling access via the .
0 software delivers comprehensive, personalized services and extends our ability to support a broad range of authentication methods by adding support for SAML and Microsoft .
NET implementation - ComponentSource implemented Microsoft .