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Since zero is the lowest value of an unsigned binary integer, which is one of the most fundamental types in programming and hardware design, it is often natural to count from zero rather than one, especially when the integer is actually an index, as in hardware addressing or C and Lisp's 0-based indexing of arrays.

Hackers and computer scientists often like to call the first chapter of a publication "Chapter 0", especially if it is of an introductory nature (one of the classic instances was in the First Edition of K&R). In recent years this trait has also been observed among many pure mathematicians (who have an independent tradition of numbering from 0).

Zero-based numbering tends to reduce fencepost errors, though it cannot eliminate them entirely.

Logically, the next item after the zeroth should be the "oneth" but this is never used.
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col](U) obtained by reading the entries of U in column reading order, where we ignore entries from skewed boxes and entries in the 0th column.
Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) transitioned a Space Support Element (SSE) to the I 0th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York.
Leavitt issued a proclamation making April I 0th "Naval Supply Depot Clearfield Day" in honor of the dedicated men and women of the Navy Supply Corps.
On April 2 0th, at the annual Board of Directors meeting, Ronald S.
In late October, the Bush administration "revised the charter of a federal advisory committee concerned with the safety of research volunteers to specify that embryos in experiments are 'human subjects' whose welfare should be considered along with that of fetuses, children and adults," reported the AP on October 3 0th.
Any forces seen to correlate to the fixed coil current may indicate a 0th order error in the measurement of the geometric factor.
0th gifts of a literary nature at The Friends Gift Shop at Selby Public Library, 1331 First St.
In the above equation, the ratio of the 1st, 0th moment to the 0th, 0th moment measures branches per macromolecule.
Photo: (color) A sheriff's patrol car came to a rest near 4 0th Street East and Palmdale Boulevard after hitting a Honda.
A SOIR in the 0th percentile is more optimistic than all readings taken over the past year.
John Dawson, secretary f history group Six ownships, said members ad wanted to mark the 0th anniversary of the trike.
But Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels 0th ed nph re pcbaJe recruited him to sell some pictures abroad to try to earn cash for the state.