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In its 85mm x 54mm format, the development board provides four pushbuttons, four status LEDs and 12 bi-colour LEDs, along with a speaker for use with a software-driven 1-bit DAC.
The RC10 is packed with a powerful set of I/O features including 2 high-speed ADC channels, VGA video output, 1-bit DAC audio outputs, CAN bus and a CMOS camera connector.
Based on the 6-bit architecture found in the Company's popular WM8716, the WM8728, and the other two products (WM8706 and WM8729) mentioned in this release, are 64 times less sensitive to clock jitter than a 1-bit DAC, thus resulting in better sound quality.
Together, these technologies substantially reduce both noise and signal distortion compared with traditional 1-bit DAC designs.
The system offers dynamic audio playback enhanced through 1-bit DAC.
The advantages of a 1-bit DAC include: ideal differential linearity, no distortion mechanisms due to resistor matching errors, and no linearity drift over time and temperature due to variations in resistor values.