Thirty-nine Articles

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Thirty-nine Articles:

see creedcreed
[Lat. credo=I believe], summary of basic doctrines of faith. The following are historically important Christian creeds.

1 The Nicene Creed, beginning, "I believe in one God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and
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Meanwhile, the council approved 10 articles of the 25-article law and further discussions will be held next week.
The diversity of feeling came across in one construction website's e-newsletter, which linked to no fewer than 10 articles, each giving comment from various people related to the sector.
Three of the top 10 articles focus on sexual dysfunction (a topic that was included in the 2009 top 10).
The bill includes 10 articles that cover fields of cooperation, practice mechanisms, joint working groups, implementation and contact sources, financial expenditures, avoiding requests, interpretation of rules and regulations, settlement of differences, exchange of documents and data, implementation of the agreement and the final regulations.
Contemporary Pediatrics recently announced its selection of the top 10 articles of importance to general pediatrics published from March 2009-February 2010.
You can pare down to 10 articles of clothing that are easy to layer and mix and match.
Similarly, there are 10 articles which talk about penalties and punishments.
This article summarizes, for the practitioner, the key "take home" points of the 10 articles included in this special issue on school counseling research.
Every year, maybe 10 articles appear truly worthy of attention by the workers' comp professional.
Editor's note: Due to space constraints, we have only printed the first 10 articles here.
Entry may be a single article or a series of no more than 10 articles.
We found 10 articles, in addition to the recent public health publications discussed above (2,5); none addressed the public health hazards of Salmonella-based rodenticides.