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(AT&T Inc., San Antonio, TX, A leading long distance and local telephone company and provider of business networks and services.

Founded in 1885 as American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Bell Telephone Company, its telephone service, eventually reaching coast-to-coast, made it the largest corporation in America. Nearly 100 years later on January 1, 1984, it was relieved of its operating telephone companies by Federal court order. AT&T went through a major change from the world's largest government-regulated monopoly to a competitive enterprise. Whenever you read about "Divestiture" in the telecom world, it refers to this breakup.

AT&T dabbled in the PC market for a short while, but in 1991, it acquired NCR, one of the first computer companies. AT&T changed NCR's name to AT&T GIS, only to spin it back off five years later with the original NCR name.

In 1996, intentionally this time, AT&T created a "Trivestiture" by dividing itself into three independent companies: (1) AT&T for telecommunications, (2) Lucent Technologies for manufacturing and (3) AT&T GIS for computers, which restored its NCR name.

In 2001, AT&T spun off its cellphone business into AT&T Wireless, an independent company, which merged with Cingular in 2004. After trivestiture, AT&T acquired the cable TV operations of TCI Corporation and MediaOne, making it the largest cable operator in the U.S. In 2002, the company sold its cable business to Comcast.

In 2005, AT&T was acquired by SBC, itself a merger of some of the original AT&T operating companies. SBC changed its name to AT&T Inc. (from AT&T Corporation). AT&T also regained the cellphone business it spun off a few years earlier because Cingular was owned by SBC. After 20 years, the father was absorbed by several of its sons. A year later in 2006, BellSouth was acquired, making AT&T the largest regional carrier once again. See Lucent and NCR.
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The 10-10-345 calling service offers consumers simple, low, upfront pricing for their long distance calls.
We have been pleased to provide billing services to 10-10-345 during its first few months in the marketplace, and look forward to continuing that relationship.
Howard McNally, President and CEO of 10-10-345 Lucky Dog, stated, "We are pleased to be expanding our 10-10-345 service availability to more households in the country.
When a consumer uses 10-10-345 to make a qualifying long-distance call from home, the call is automatically entered to win.
And since there is a chance to win great prizes when you call using 10-10-345 from home, we're giving people a chance to be a 'lucky dog'.
Voice- overs in the four ads that launch the Lucky Dog Phone Company 10-10-345 service were provided by Larry Hagman as "Top Dog"; Kathleen Turner as "Husky Dog"; Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford, TV's "The Jeffersons", as "Couch Dogs"; and Joe Lynn Turner, former lead singer of Deep Purple, as "Rocker Dog.