10-foot user interface

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10-foot user interface

A user interface for a TV set. The "10 foot" is used to differentiate it from a desktop computer screen that is typically less than two feet from the viewer's eyes. Designed to be operated by a handheld remote control, the 10-foot user interface (UI) has extra large buttons and menu text that are easily navigated.

Windows Media Center Et Al
Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft introduced a 10-foot user interface in Windows Media Center. Subsequently, software solutions from other vendors have been introduced that turn a computer into a home theater PC (see HTPC).

The 10-Foot UI Setting
A common 10-foot user interface setting is a home theater with surround sound. The optimum distance between viewer and TV varies but is typically no more than 10 or 12 feet for a 50-60" screen.

Windows Media Center 10-Foot UI
DVD playback settings are adjusted from this screen in Windows Media Center. Displayed on a TV, the large text and dialog can be viewed from several feet away. See Windows Media Center.

The Zinc 10-Foot UI
Zinc is a Firefox browser application that provides a 10-foot UI for viewing videos on a TV connected to a PC or Mac. Zinc enables access to a host of free and paid movies, TV shows and other video content. For more information, visit www.zinc.tv.

Boxee Multimedia Center
Like Windows Media Center, the Boxee application for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux provides access to external and local video, music and photo content through a 10-foot user interface. For more information, visit www.boxee.tv.
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With PowerCinema 3's 10-foot user interface design, users can just relax on a sofa, watch it from a TV screen and control everything via a remote control.
Simple search and browsing: MOG developed a 10-foot user interface to provide high quality and simple navigation of albums, artists or songs for instant playing.
The new video card solution features EAZYLOOK(TM), an eye-catching 10-foot user interface with on-screen display for home theater settings, which is included in the product with a new version of ATI's MULTIMEDIA CENTER software.
The player supports video functions including downloads and streaming with both a standard desktop view and a 10-foot user interface for TV display.