November 11

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November 11


Edmund Fitzgerald Anniversary (On the Sunday closest to November 10) Nov 11, 2012; Nov 11, 2018

Heurigen Parties (November)

La Quintaine (Second Sunday in November) Nov 11, 2012; Nov 11, 2018

Lord Mayor's Show (Second Saturday in November) Nov 11, 2017; Nov 11, 2023

Celebrated in: Ireland

Martinsfest (November 10-11)

Plebeian Games (November 4-17)

RŠben-Chilbi (Second Saturday in November) Nov 11, 2017; Nov 11, 2023

Stewardship Sunday (Second Sunday in November) Nov 11, 2012; Nov 11, 2018

Legal Holidays by Countries

Armistice DayBelgium
Armistice Day 1918France
Cartagena Independence DayColombia
Independence DayAngola, Poland
Rememberance DayBermuda
Remembrance DayCanada
Republic DayMaldives
Veterans' DayMicronesia

Legal Holidays in United States

Veterans DayUnited States (federal)
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On the government side, Interior Minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar asserted--during a ceremony held at the Police Academy to celebrate the graduation of a new batch of police officers--that security apparatuses are ready to face all challenges and will not be affected by rumours or allegations issued every now and then regarding 11 November.
The North Benha Prosecution decided on Wednesday to arrest 17 Brotherhood-affiliated members over charges of inciting people to protest on 11 November protests.
The media is not completely unlike the interior minister, particularly on the privately-owned TV channel CBC, where well-known anchor Lamis El Hadidi said that there is a state of panic among citizens due to calls for demonstrations on 11 November.
On a different note, El Hadidi's husband, ONTV talk show presenter Amr Adib, also expressed his concerns over the calls for 11 November.
Similarly, Osama Kamal, the TV presenter for Cairo 360 on Al Qahera Wel Nas channel, deduced that the reason 11 November was chosen as the protest day is because the numeric date 11/11 is a similar symbol to the Brotherhood's slogan for the Rabaa Al-Adaweya massacre.
11-November 32/38, 11 November 40/46, 11 November 56 11 November 58 11 November 65, Sports 28/30, Sport 29, Sport 31, Sport 31/33, Sport 33, Sport 35 , Stefczyka 17 in terms of installation, construction, electrical and instrumentation.