March 13

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The estimated un-audited net asset value, assuming the exercise in full of all the outstanding subscription shares at an exercise price of 699p per subscription share at the close of business on 13 March 2013 was 1068.
It is announced that at the close of business on 13 March 2013, the
notification on 13 March 2013 that Ivan Menezes, a director, exercised
As at 13 March 2013 Fidelity Asian Values PLC's issued share capital consists of 57,004,689 ordinary shares with voting rights and 11,355,524 subscription shares without voting rights.
Invesco Leveraged High Yield Fund Limited announces that, on 13 March 2008,
FirstGroup plc ("the Company") announces that on 13 March 2006 it transferred
Lucky North East lottery winners, Fred and Doreen Smith, and Lynne Pittiglio, lent their support to the cause, asking players to doublecheck their EuroMillions tickets from the draw on 13 March, 2015.
close of business on 13 March 2015 the unaudited Net Asset Value
Date, Time & Place of opening of Bid 13 March 2015 12:00 PM at
Sarajevo, through direct negotiations, is extended to 13 March 2013 due to the interest of potential bidders, assistant director for sales at the Agency for privatization in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fikret Talic said.
Zahraman' s remarks came in response to Walid Jumblatt' s saying that speeches on 13 March anniversary will be provocative.
Travellers who purchased a ticket to Bahrain on or before 18 February 2011 and are due to travel on or before 13 March 2011 can change the date of travel up to and including 31 March; or cancel their booking and obtain a refund for flights booked for 13 March or before; or use the value of their ticket to purchase a new ticket to any other destination.