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Already a leading standard in consumer electronics, 1394 is now almost ready for prime time in vehicles.
But as long as there is consumer demand, OEMs will continue to offer at least some of their product lines with 1394 interfaces aimed at the video enthusiast market.
LINK[TM], 1394 has been designed into a wide range of consumer, computer, industrial and other products since its inception, and is emerging as a powerful new standard for use in automotive entertainment systems.
The ability of 1394 devices to talk to each other, independent of a connection to a computer, made 1394 a viable, and useful, interface standard for digital video and other digital devices.
A prototype of this technology has been demonstrated by Eqcologic NV, a 1394 Trade Association member company.
Additionally, there may be differences of potential between various safety grounds that are connected to various devices along the IEEE 1394 bus.
Innovative was the first company to introduce a 1394 PHY IP core, and one of the first third-party IP Companies to develop and market a mixed-signal PHY IP in 1997.
The Trade Association will also demonstrate compelling video applications enabled by 1394 on camcorders and PCs and notebooks.
Fred Speckeen of TC Group, who chairs the 1394 Trade Association's Pro Audio Working Group, said: "This is a very innovative application of 1394.
The 1394 standard is being adopted throughout the consumer, computer, peripherals, industrial, automotive, and other market sectors worldwide," said James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association.
It is a very exciting and compelling technology that meets the requirements of the consumer electronics suppliers and cable providers for high-definition video and audio applications," said James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association.
VersaPHY significantly expands the applications in which 1394 can deliver its superior speeds, distance, media and protocol capabilities because VersaPHY enables endpoint devices to operate at lower costs by receiving their configuration and operational direction from one or more full-service controller nodes.