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C18H24O2 An estrogenic hormone produced by follicle cells of the vertebrate ovary; provokes estrus and proliferation of the human endometrium, and stimulates ICSH (interstitial-cell-stimulating hormone) secretion.



C18H24O2, a female sex hormone of the estrogen group with the structural formula

Estradiol occurs as colorless crystals with a melting point of 176°–178°C. Poorly soluble in water, it dissolves better in organic solvents. It is optically active, with a specific rotation of [α]D= +81°.

Estradiol was first isolated in 1935 from the follicular fluid of the ovaries of swine by the American biochemist E. Doisy. Of all the estrogens, it has the highest physiological activity, but it is rapidly inactivated in the body. Longer-acting preparations of estradiol (estradiol dipropionate and estradiol benzoate) are obtained by the esterization of estradiol with various organic acids. Estradiol has important physiological functions (seeESTROGEN).

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O'Donnell states "Our focus at Novavax is to take generic drugs, a drug like estrogen, 17-beta estradiol, a drug that the FDA is familiar with, what the pluses and minuses are, what the attributes are, what the potential side effects are, and put that into a proprietary, patented, transdermal delivery system, which would in essence give us a brand name product.
The patch delivers a steady supply of 17-beta estradiol -- the same estrogen a woman's ovaries produce before menopause -- directly through the skin and into the bloodstream for seven full days.
This IND is to study the treatment of vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) with Flemington's lingual spray formulation of 17-beta estradiol.
This IND is for the treatment of menstrual migraine headaches with Flemington's lingual spray formulation of 17-beta estradiol.