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When this happens over the next 12 to 18 mouths, UDR already will be branded as the apartment company that uses 2-D bar codes for mobile marketing," Taraborelli said.
One European manufacturer has already installed 500 "read points" - stations where 2-D bar codes are read during manufacturing - and will have deployed 1000 read points by the end of this year.
The new Kofax bar code engine not only reads low-resolution color images, but also improves recognition from black-and-white images and adds the ability to read high-density 2-D bar codes.
Developed by Symbol Technologies and placed in the public domain, PDF417 is a 2-D bar code symbology capable of encoding more than 1,800 bytes of data on a single label, offering 100 times the capacity of traditional linear bar codes.
Because of the ability to encode large amounts of data, 2-D bar codes can become portable data files - hence "PDF.
Its combination with CiMatrix' pioneering position in leading edge 2-D bar code technology now uniquely positions RVSI to open new market applications of very significant size.
Supported linear and 2-D bar codes include: Code 39, Datamatrix, PDF417, UCC/EAN Code 128 and UPC/EAN.
The press prints 1-D and 2-D bar codes that are accurate and readable, which is absolutely a must for today's supply chain labeling," continued Lowry.