isopropyl alcohol

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isopropyl alcohol:

see isopropanolisopropanol,
 isopropyl alcohol,
or 2-propanol
, (CH3)2CHOH, a colorless liquid that is miscible with water. It melts at −89°C; and boils at 82.3°C;. It is poisonous if taken internally.
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Isopropyl Alcohol


2-propanol, the simplest secondary aliphatic alcohol, CH3CH(OH)CH3.

Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor. Melting point, — 89.5°C; boiling point, 82.4°C; density, 0.7851 g/cm3 (20°C); flash point, 11.7°C; lower volume explosive limit in air, 2.5 percent by volume (25“C). Isopropyl alcohol is miscible in all proportions with water and organic solvents, with water forming an azeotrope (87.9 percent isopropyl alcohol; boiling point, 83.38°C). Isopropyl alcohol has all the properties of a secondary aliphatic alcohol.

Industrially, isopropanol is made by the direct or sulfuric-acid hydration of propylene. The raw material is the propane-propylene cut of cracked gas or the propylene fraction of petroleum pyrolysis. Isopropyl alcohol is used chiefly in making acetone (by dehydrogenation or incomplete oxidation), as a solvent (for example, of essential oils and resins), and as a component in antifreeze mixtures.

isopropyl alcohol

[¦ī·sə′prō·pəl ′al·kə‚hȯl]
(organic chemistry)
(CH3)2CHOH A colorless liquid that boils at 82.4°C; soluble in water, ether, and ethanol; used in manufacturing of acetone and its derivatives, of glycerol, and as a solvent. Also known as isopropanol; 2-propanol; sec-propyl alcohol.
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037 N/m, obtained by adding 12% 2-propanol in water), period-3 bubbling was observed as shown in Figure 4d.
In this procedure, the TPO substrate was wiped with a fabric soaked with 2-propanol (isopropyl alcohol, IPA) and with mixed isomers of xylene ("xy-lenes"), either in discrete steps or as a mixture.
duration Lab 1 Extraction 2-propanol 4 hours 16 hours Lab 2 Extraction MEK 2 hours Lab 3 Extraction Ethanol/toluene azeotrope Lab 4 Precipitation Toluene Methanol/acetone 3 hours 50/50 Lab 5 Precipitation Toluene Acetone 2.
Therefore, the aim of this work is to demonstrate our idea for modification of ZSM-5 zeolite, and to carry out two typical catalytic reactions, toluene methylation with methanol, isopropylation and 2-propanol.
Cholesterol was extracted from the yolks with 1 mol/L KOH containing 2-propanol and was determined using a cholesterol colorimetric assay kit (F-kit cholesterol, Roche Molecular Biochemicals, Germany).
As a bank solution 100[micro]l RPMI 1640 medium with 10[micro]l MTT stock and 100 [micro]l 5% formic acid in 2-propanol was used.
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The EO polymerization was stopped by 2-propanol solution of hydrochloric acid.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 2-Propanol ( Ar Grade) (15 X 2.
Water was exchanged with 2-propanol as the dispersion medium of colloidal silica by successive centrifugal separation prior to synthesize of the initiator-coated [SiO.