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Just as groups can have representations on vector spaces, 2-groups have representations on 2-vector spaces, but Lie 2-groups typically have few representations on the finite-dimensional 2-vector spaces introduced by Kapranov and Voevodsky.
terms in the quadratic form (23) there are no limits to corresponding 0-vector, 2-vector and 3-vector speeds.
b) for the case of pure 2-vector motion by taking V = = d[x.
1]/dt = 1m/s, there corresponds the 2-vector speed d[x.
z(t) is a 2-vector with components: z(1,t) = OIBD(t) and z(2,t) = ADEX(t)
d(t) is the 2-vector of deterministic variables, with components d(t,1) =1, and d(t,2) =t