November 20

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John''s Church, North Seaton, on Thursday 20th November at 12.
GARY NUMAN - 20th November - Sheffield Corporation; - 21st November - Manchester Academy.
Funeral service and cremation at Canley Crematorium, Cannon Hill Chapel on Friday 20th November at 2.
In response to a letter sent by Health Department to all the District Health Officers, Medical Superintendents, Executive Directors and Police Surgeons working in Sindh province, dated: 20th November, 2013, the CMCH authorities informed the government that no separate budget for disposal of hospital waste is available and the disposing off all hospital waste is carried out from existing budget allocations.
PNN On Tuesday 20th November, 11 Palestinians had been martyred and more than 20 were wounded in several Israeli airstrikes launched by Israeli Air Force targeting civilians in the Gaza City and north of the Gaza Strip in less than an hour, during the visit of the joint Turkish and Arab ministers to Gaza today.
Funeral service to take place at Wolvey Parish Church on Tuesday 20th November at 12.
The team presented their results in Atlanta at a meeting of the Gerontological Society of America on 20th November.
We invite the Government of Gibraltar to join us at the next round of talks on 20th November.
Please meet for Funeral Service at the West Road Crematorium on Friday 20th November at 2.
It comes with its original ivory-coloured box decorated with silver a E and P and the words "Buckingham Palace 20th November 1947", as well as a small card inscribed "With the best wishes of their Royal Highnesses Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh".
Thursday 20th November, 4pm-8pm, Longmore Hall, Banff Road, Keith.