December 24

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This report is a form of an investment in the political future to get assured that events such as those on 24 December will not happen again," a member of SDSM's leadership told Utrinski vesnik.
Borce Davitkovski, president of the committee of inquiry into the parliamentary events of 24 December last year denied last Thursday that the work of the committee had been blocked.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that the attempt to hoax the alleged voice of the people to justify the events of 24 December has been revealed.
MAXjet Airways ceased services on 24 December 2007 after filing for bankruptcy.
com customers can place orders as late as 18 December 2007 and receive delivery by 24 December and still take advantage of free shipping when purchasing orders of USD25 or more via Fast & Free Delivery'.
Even before the committee of inquiry into the events of 24 December was set up, its role was followed by a lot of controversies.
There is still no agreement as to who is to be the president of the ad hoc commission that is supposed to clarify the events of 24 December.
The harshest criticisms refer to the rule of law and the violation of the parliamentary procedures during the incident of 24 December.
Now, customers can place orders through to 17 December 2010 with guaranteed delivery by 24 December 2010, using FREE Super Saver Shipping, which is available on eligible orders of USD25 and over.
Passengers and crew onboard an Air Canada Airbus 320 aircraft were forced to evacuate using emergency chutes on 24 December after flames were seen coming out of one of the aircraft`s engines.
However, Swiss MEP Andreas Gross and twenty other MEPs from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe had a completely different view on the events of 24 December.
The Institute for Democracy "Societas Civilis" complains because the Parliament that has ordered the recent opinion poll they conducted revealed the results of the two additional questions in regard to the Parliament's work in the light of the recent events of 24 December considering the prior agreement was that these results should be for internal use only.