January 25

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January 25


Bridge Walking (15th day of the first lunar month) Jan 25, 2013

Burning the Moon House (February; 15th day of the first lunar month) Jan 25, 2013

Butter Sculpture Festival (15th day of first lunar month) Jan 25, 2013

Dinagyang (Last weekend in January) Jan 25, 2014; Jan 25, 2020

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival (January 5-February 4)

Mount Cameroon Race (Last Sunday in January) Jan 25, 2015

Mozart Week (Last week in January)

NASA Day of Remembrance (Last Thursday of January) Jan 25, 2018

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering (Last week in January)

St. Paul Winter Carnival (Last week of January to first week of February)

Up-Helly-Aa (Last Tuesday in January) Jan 25, 2011; Jan 25, 2022

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The events of Mohamed Mahmoud were the perfect materialisation of what the 25 January Revolution truly stood for and genuinely preached; change from below.
BRUSSELS, Jan 5 (KUNA) -- The European Union (EU) Monday declined to comment on western media reports and speculations that a Greek exit from the eurozone is possible if the leftist Syriza party wins the upcoming Greek elections on 25 January and stops paying the country's debts.
revenue reserve losses up to and including 25 January 2013)
In a decree published on his official Facebook page, the president announced amnesty for acts "committed to support the revolution and achieve its objectives in the period from 25 January 2011 to 30 June 2012, except crimes of murder.
The six members of the student-led movement Girifna who were arrested on 25 January have been released from Kober prison in Khartoum, Sudan.
Summary: The training and development administration of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company concluded the training programme for the graduates of Petroleum Institute and Qualitative Center in the fields of methods of work organization in the company; the event took place in the Mechanic Engineering Technology College between 15 -- 25 January 2012.
06 (Saba)- A five-member team of officials of Social Development Fund (SFD) made an exposure visit to the rural areas of Bangladesh during 25 January to 5 February 2011.
Winner must be contactable by midday Tuesday 25 January 2011.
Auto Business News - 25 January 2010(c)2005 - Electronic News Publishing - http://www.
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announces that on 25 January, 2008 it purchased for cancellation 450,000 "A" Shares at a price of 25.