October 26

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October 26


Angam Day
Celebrated in: Nauru

Disarmament Week (October 24-30)

Festa da Luz (Two weeks beginning the second Sunday in October) Oct 26, 2012; Oct 26, 2013; Oct 26, 2018; Oct 26, 2019

Guavaween (Last Saturday of October) Oct 26, 2013; Oct 26, 2019

London Bridge Days (Last week in October)

Mother-in-Law Day (Fourth Sunday in October) Oct 26, 2014

Pirates Week (Last week in October)

Punky Night (Last Thursday in October) Oct 26, 2017; Oct 26, 2023

Saffron Rose Festival (Last Sunday in October) Oct 26, 2014

Se–or de los Milagros (October 18-28)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Angam DayNauru
Day of MourningLibya
National DayAustria
October HolidayIreland

Legal Holidays in United States

Nevada DayNevada
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On 26 October, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) announced an investigation into Enterprise Insurance Company plc (Enterprise) and its board of directors.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 22, 2016-Agilent Technologies sets dividend payment date of 26 October 2016
Passengers travelling to, from or through Denver on 26 October 2011 may make one one itinerary change by midnight on 26 October 2011, if travel is completed by 9 November 2011, without paying standard change fees, advance purchase, of other restrictions.
In a statement, the Presidency said that "work on the comprehensive package of measures to curb the sovereign debt crisis" would be continued by EU leaders when they meet for twin summits, on 26 October - one for all 27 heads of state and government followed by eurozone-only talks - and that "further work" by finance ministers would be done based on the results of that meeting.
The debt is scheduled to mature on 26 October 2015.
Auto Business News - 26 October 2009(c)2005 - Electronic News Publishing - http://www.
International Resource News - 26 October 2009(c)2005 - Electronic News Publishing - http://www.
JCE's press release dated 2 October 2006 and the offer document published on 26 October 2006 state that Semcon's shareholders are invited to sell their Semcon shares to JCE for SEK 65 per share ("the Price").
Solocal Group (Paris:LOCAL) announced on Monday that a reverse stock split, on the basis of an exchange ratio of 30 former shares for one new share, is effective 26 October 2015.
Last date for Submission: 26 October 2015 Upto0930 hrs
The special fare is being offered for one month in order to mark the carrier's inaugural flight, which is scheduled to take off on 26 October from London's Gatwick Airport.
Mr Liikanen at an enlargement industry forum in Paris at the Palais du Luxembourg - 26 October.