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com)-- Wasp Barcode Technologies, a leading provider of small business productivity solutions, today announced the launch of the WWS450 2D barcode scanner with base and the DT10 mobile computer.
With ScanCap, a quick scan of a 2D barcode on a closure, using a web-enabled cell phone camera, takes the consumer directly to content related to a company's products, promotions, loyalty programs, or other valuable links, without the need to input alphanumeric codes.
As an example, an advertising programme in a magazine can include a MobileTag 2D barcode that users can capture with their camera-equipped mobile phones and which is delivered directly to ACCESS' NetFront browser.
The NeoReader application is an individual custom-built mobile barcode solution that leverages the ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes with the built-in camera.
The NeoReader application allows mobile camera phones to easily access mobile content by simply reading open standard 2D barcodes, such as QR and DataMatrix, as well as the UPC and EAN barcodes currently found on most products worldwide.
Passengers traveling Royal Silk Class should show their Mobile 2D Barcode Boarding Pass to enter the Royal Orchid Lounge.
Philips Lumileds uses 2D barcode technology to uniquely identify and track through the manufacturing process.
OTC BB: NEOM), the global leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions, announced that Sony Ericsson has selected NeoMedia as its strategic 2D barcode partner.
The autumn project involved issuing all exhibitors their own 2D barcode linked directly to their personal mobile subpage.
MADRID & ATLANTA -- Bems, the leading Spanish company in mobile solutions based on 2D barcodes, has partnered with US-based NeoMedia Technologies to distribute 2D barcode solutions throughout Latin America.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to emboss 2D Barcode data matrix on their registered drug products from all batches manufactured by December, 15, 2017.
2 Variable print and a 2D barcode is overprinted on the card.