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Sony's 3-D gaming arm is based at its Wavertree campus.
Since 1998, Pritchard has been president and CEO of The Motion Factory, where he gained considerable expertise in the interactive 3-D gaming business.
The H3D Terminator is the first 3-D gaming glasses that are lightweight, comfortable and compatible with most popular 3-D graphics chipsets and all the popular PC game titles," said Jeff Fergason, President of i-O Display Systems.
And, in keeping with tradition, id Software amplifies the world of adrenaline pumping 3-D gaming with the development of their latest action title, QUAKE III Arena.
Monster Sound adds a powerful new dimension to the 3-D gaming experience.
the market leader in interactive entertainment software, propels PC gamers into the virtual world of 3-D gaming with the release of its Screamin' 3D Graphics Accelerator.
Modem and network support, with a variety of unique options, makes Witchaven a true advance in 3-D gaming.
We're bringing a totally unique, 3-D gaming experience to market at an affordable price and in time to get a jump on the holiday shopping season.