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The principle behind 3-D imaging is that we have binocular vision, with two eyes separated by a space of 2-3 inches, explains Dr Chris Canning,C Medical Director of Moorfields Eye Hospital, Dubai.
The challenge was not only to help art historians understand the works but also to stretch the limits of current 3-D imaging and model-building technology.
Industry experts presented the latest 3-D imaging advancements and techniques.
As for 3-D imaging, "it may turn out to be useful," but practical applications remain speculative, he cautions.
is a comprehensive seminar for dentists to learn from leading technology experts how to optimize treatment planning and patient care using 3-D imaging and related software and products.
Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Tennessee adds, "With the rapid development of minimally invasive instrumentation and techniques, never has intra-operative 3-D imaging been more important.
CHICAGO -- Expanding the Infinix(TM)-i series with the latest 3-D imaging technology, Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.
Eric Brown, President and CEO of ETAI, was quoted as saying, "Free-space 3-D imaging is no longer just a Hollywood specials effects fantasy.
Eric Brown, President and CEO of ETAI, stated, "Free-space 3-D imaging is no longer just a Hollywood special effects fantasy.
Electronic perception technology is a unique, ultra-low-cost, real-time 3-D imaging capability that will enable machines and electronic devices to perceive nearby objects and their movements in three dimensions.
Given the increasing demand for refurbished medical devices, the recent introduction of BabyFace(TM), which is a plug-and-play, on-line, real time 3-D imaging device co-developed by Biomedicom and Sonora, and our strategy to become a dominant ultrasound technology provider for the medical community, we believe that this is an opportune time to take a larger stake in this sector of the business.
is a plug-and-play on-line real-time device that can turn virtually any standard existing ultrasound device into a 3-D imaging system making it possible for a physician to view a fetus in full 3-D aspect.