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3-D PC audio (including 3-D positional sound effects) is one of today's most exciting advancements for games and multimedia, promising to take the consumer PC audio experience from a passive to a more realistic, interactive one.
Meanwhile, various online gaming sites have been giving "Delta Force" rave reviews that exalt its unique multiplayer aspects, the 3-D positional sound and unrivaled expansive outdoor environments.
0 opens a new dimension in gaming by enabling multiplayer online games, 3-D positional sound, and support for new types of input devices and peripherals.
3-D positional sound in Delta Force increases a player's situational awareness, adding to the game's realism.
The 3-D positional sound forces the player to rely on listening for cues while conducting a mission.
The device supports Microsoft's DirectSound (2D and 3D) and Aureal's HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) 3-D positional sound standards as well as the AC'97 audio system specification.
The OTI-611 incorporates support for the following latest PC audio standards: wavetable synthesis and multichannel digital audio mixing; 3-D positional sound and support for multiple audio and communications codecs.