September 30

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September 30


Austen Festival (Last week of September)

Botswana Independence Day (September 30-October 1)

Fiesta of San Francisco (September 26-October 4)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Sep 30, 2011; Sep 30, 2016; Sep 30, 2017; Sep 30, 2021; Sep 30, 2022; Sep 30, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

Jordbruksdagarna (Last full weekend in September) Sep 30, 2012; Sep 30, 2018

Marion County Ham Days (Last full weekend in September) Sep 30, 2012; Sep 30, 2018

Marshall Islands Lutok Kobban Alele (Last week of September)

Mayberry Days (Last full weekend in September) Sep 30, 2012; Sep 30, 2018

Mountain State Forest Festival (Last weekend in September through first week in October)

San Geronimo Feast Day (September 29-30)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Agricultural Reform DaySao Tome and Principe
Botswana DayBotswana
Customs DayMarshall Islands
References in classic literature ?
After I had been there about ten or twelve days, it came into my thoughts that I should lose my reckoning of time for want of books, and pen and ink, and should even forget the Sabbath days; but to prevent this, I cut with my knife upon a large post, in capital letters - and making it into a great cross, I set it up on the shore where I first landed - "I came on shore here on the 30th September 1659.
5 crores against the previous year quarter of 30th September 2014.
NBAD Shariah MENA Dividend Leader Fund has announced a semi - annual dividend of over three per cent for the period from 1st April 2015 to 30th September, 2015.
Public service will be at Llangeinwen Church, Dwyran, Anglesey on Wednesday 30th September at 11.
Funeral Service to take place at the West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 30th September at 12.
Private Cremation to be followed by Service of thanksgiving at Bedlington Trinity Church on Wednesday 30th September at 12.
Islamabad -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif will address the United Nations General Assembly on 30th September.
The funeral service will take place at Charter Chapel, Canley Crematorium on Wednesday 30th September 2015 at 14:30 pm.
The offer is valid from 12th August to 30th September and is in partnership with Souq.
6, Four Courts, Dublin 7 on the 30TH September, 2014 at 10.