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In particular, said 3D programs are available also in 2D compatible version and in 3D Anaglyph for 2D screens.
This crater sits on top of at least three older craters, the largest of which is 100 km wide and dominates the whole top left half of the 2D and 3D anaglyph images.
With this update, users can now make anaglyph outputs according to their needs and enjoy 3D videos with normal software player and a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses.
VirTra Systems was retained to create, prepare, and deploy its 3D technology, involving 2D to 3D conversion, and 3D computer animation, for 1) a motion simulator utilizing polarized glasses, 2) a theater-style presentation utilizing anaglyph (cyan-blue) glasses, and 3) a web-suitable version utilizing 3D anaglyph glasses, all in connection with Bombardier's launch of its new 2004 Sea-Doo 3D personal watercraft.