3D glasses

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3D glasses

There are three types of 3D eyeglasses that correspond to the three ways stereo frames are separated for 3D effects: anaglyph, polarized and active. For more about each method, see anaglyph 3D, polarized 3D, active 3D and 3D visualization.

Anaglyph 3D Glasses
Red/cyan, red/blue and red/green glasses are available in paper and plastic frames. See anaglyph 3D. (Image courtesy of Rainbow Symphony, Inc., www.rainbowsymphony.com)

Polarized "Passive" 3D Glasses
Used in the cinema, as well as passive 3D TV sets, these RealD glasses use polarized lenses in ordinary eyeglass frames. See polarized 3D. (Image courtesy of RealD, www.reald.com)

Active 3D Shutter Glasses
For gaming and active 3D TV sets, LCD lenses open and close in sync with the stereo frames. Accepting infrared (IR) signals beamed from the monitor, these are NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. For ceiling-mounted movie projectors, radio frequency (RF) signals are used instead of IR. See active 3D, RF shutter glasses and 3D Vision. (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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The 3D viewer is also said to be the world's first 60 GHz wireless technology.
The Sony rep followed up our query by saying that the HMZ-T2 is a personal 3D viewer and multiplayer action isn't really a "private" thing, so the purpose the device serves becomes different.
First of all the technical features of 26 softwares for 3D visualization were studied (viewers, publishers and 3D output formats): Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended, RxView, SpinFire Professional, MYRIAD, XVL Studio Pro, Publisher3D Professional and Pages3D Professional, Deep Exploration CAD Edition, eDrawings Professional, 3DVIA Composer, Anark Core Workstation, Cortona 3D viewer (Parallelgraphics), Viewpoint Media Player, Kaon Web3D, Hoops Stream Toolkit, 3D XML player, AutoVue (Oracle), Meshlab, OneSpace Designer--3D Access, 3D-Tool, Alteros 3D, Cult3D (Cycore Systems), Delcam Exchange, 3DVIA-printscreen, Autodesk [R] Design Review, COLLADA, Interactive Product Animator (IPA).
Sony claims the Personal 3D Viewer shows a picture equivalent to viewing a 750-inch projection screen from 65 feet away.
The Personal 3D Viewer is scheduled to be available in the USA in November 2011, priced at approximately USD799.
Use the mouse to select a rectangular region, allow the main window to adjust to this zoomed view, and then use the 3D Viewer to see that portion in relief.
Fisher-Price tends to aim educational toys at the younger set, and has come out with a Virtual 3D Viewer where kids can look at stills from the Harry Potter film.
com has also added a keyword search engine for quicker location of components and a browser-based 3D viewer for previewing any one of the millions of 3D parts in real time.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-26 March 2001-ParallelGraphics releases new beta version of 3D viewer (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Enhancements include multiple document interface (MDI), a Smart Cursor feature and a CADKEY 3D viewer.
Among the highlights is a 3D viewer that allows homebuyers to see their home plans take shape before their eyes so they will know exactly what their new home will look like before it's ever built.