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WiFi is optional via a module located on the back of the board, and a 3G dongle can be added via USB.
Binatone has come up with a 3G dongle that can support a 3G SIM card from any operator.
that PTCL EVO 3G dongle would also be provided for free internet access for three months and further explained that an inbuilt App in the laptops would provide various academic productivity tools to the students including a Digital Library to access more than 6,000 research journals offered under National Digital Library Program besides a lot of other online facilities to the students.
Dave Clarke Managed to get a 3g dongle 5 times faster than internet I could get.
You may not have heard of them, but more than 90% of Chinese internet users search on Baidu each month, and if you own a 3G dongle the chances are it was made by Huawei, who are also challenging Cisco's dominance of the global networking market.
No-one can run a real business on a 3G dongle they just cut out all the time, but more to the point why should they have too?
Karbonn tablet can support 3G network but only with the help of data card; the tablet package comes with a Dongle connector cable to support 3G dongle connectivity.
The clock was ticking, but an infinitely slower 3G dongle was the only way I was going to get online to my virtual wedding harpists.
Additional features include the ability to backup files to a hard drive, print, or access a remote webcam via Wi-Fi, as well as convert an HSDPA or 3G dongle to Wi-Fi.
The best of the machines being bundled with a 3G dongle is the small-but-perfectly formed Samsung NC10 netbook ***.
The service is provided through a USB 3G dongle for Windows or Mac laptops or a MiFi device that can connect up to five computers or tablets to the service with no tethering charges.
Users can use a regular mobile device or a 3G dongle fitted on the box for the return link.