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(1) (3rd Generation) The third version of a product or system. See iPhone 3G.

(2) (3rd Generation) The previous generation of cellular transmission, which features moderately high speed for Internet access compared to the very sluggish 2G systems. As 4G LTE technology proliferates, carriers maintain their 3G networks for compatibility with millions of cellphones that rely on 3G technology (for the difference between 3G and Wi-Fi, see cellular vs. Wi-Fi).

Several advanced, higher-speed 3G technologies have been officially sanctioned as 4G (see cellular generations). In the U.S., the major 3G technologies are EV-DO for CDMA networks, such as used by Verizon and Sprint, and HSPA for GSM networks for carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. See EV-DO, HSPA and 4G.

The Network Makes a Difference
These iPhone speed tests were taken at the same time using AT&T's slower 2G EDGE (E) network and its faster 3G network. Speed is always based on the number of active users in the cell. This test was performed in 2009.
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The CPS is an example of Raytheon's ability to provide a low-risk engineering and manufacturing path for upgrading combat vehicle sensors to 3rd Generation technology, sustaining the Army's combat overmatch for the future.
The project will develop the framework and consequential contracts for the 3rd generation toll system.
With these new 3rd generation Intel Core-based Ultrabook devices, mobile computing as we know it today will suddenly seem old fashioned," said Nassir Nauthoa, GCC general manager at Intel.
The 3rd generation design offers customers significant advantages over previous designs.
The plant will be used to increase production of CVJs and start production of new 3rd generation hub bearings for automotive manufacturers located in the southern region of India.
The Opus 3rd Generations advanced features allows you to control and program all the parameters that act on the roasting procedure, as temperature, hot air flow, roasting chamber's pressure and rotation.
QUALCOMM is thrilled that Movilnet chose the BREW system to power 3rd Generation Services.
The demonstration of PowerDVD, which is optimized for 3rd Generation Intel[R] Core[TM] processors, will be featuring a 4 x 4 video wall, allowing up to 16 HD video playing simultaneously in real time.
The engineers have optimizedthe design and rubber compound of the treads, belt construction, carcass, and beading of all 3rd generation tires.
which features the quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor and USB 3.
In the coming months, additional versions of the 3rd generation Intel Core processors will be available to power a new wave of systems ranging from Ultrabook[TM] devices, to servers and intelligent systems in retail, healthcare and other industries.
The 3rd generation Intel Core i7 quad core mobile processors will give Eurocom Notebooks increased power efficiency, performance and security.