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2-aminophenol, 3-aminophenol, 4-aminophenol, guanine 99 + %, adenine 99.
The monomers, 2-aminophenol, 3-aminophenol, or 4-aminophenol, were electropolymerized onto the working electrode from an HCI[O.
Strongly adhering polymeric films derived from 2-aminophenol, 3-aminophenol, or 4-aminophenol were desposited onto the surface of a graphite disk working electrode by sweeping the potential, covering next potential intervals: -0.
7) showed that electropolymerization of 4-aminophenol yields a polymer, but its structure is not known.
Values of polymer mass, charge and electrochemical yield to 2-aminophenol, 3-aminophenol, and 4-aminophenol onto graphite surface.
Determination of 4-aminophenol in water by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection.