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Web white pages

websites that provide searchable databases of individual e-mail addresses and other "people-finding" tools. They typically include residential telephone numbers and street addresses. However, unlike phone company white pages, there is no single source for this information, some of them charge a small fee, and you may have to try several sources. There is no guarantee that a person's e-mail address is available in any of these directories. Following are some of the popular white pages sites. See Web yellow pages and Web search engines.






    www.555-1212.com (fee-based)

    www.ussearch.com (fee-based)
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All Adults Millennials Gen Xers Boomers Women Men Restaurants & Bars 43% 50% 46% 39% 43% 43% Retail Stores 36% 33% 42% 34% 42% 30% Hotels/Lodging 24% 11% 19% 31% 20% 28% Movie Theaters, Amusement & Recreation 20% 25% 21% 18% 22% 19% Transportation: Taxis & Airlines 10% 5% 11% 12% 7% 13% Base: Use Directory Assistance What's the 411 on What America is Eating?
Traditional 411 has been the only easy way for consumers to get information on mobile devices, but it is generally limited to finding a phone number or address," explained Jones.
During the sweepstakes, a BellSouth 411 Pontiac Solstice will be displayed around the Southeastern U.
CONTACT: Amy Lacey, Director of Marketing of 411 Publishing, +1-323-965-2002, or amy.
After the lively debate that ensued at this year's advisory board meeting, the 411 editorial staff and sales team came away with an understanding of how the New York 411 product is, more than ever, an intrinsic tool for any production.
The program has been so successful in fact that 411 plans to roll out a second round of book display and consignment units later this year.
Verizon LiveSource is the nation's leading provider of directory assistance to the wireless industry, handling well over half a billion 411 calls every year.
Following on the heels of the recent successful launch of the cobas 6000 analyzer series, the cobas e 411 analyzer is the latest member of the cobas instrument platform.
Over 5,000 copies of the inaugural print version of the LA Labor 411 directory were distributed in July 2008.
Together with Cingular we are providing the most creative and useful mobile search service available today by giving 411 callers fast and easy access to information nationwide.
com can receive a 411 Qualified listing by submitting professional entertainment industry references to 411 for verification.
Cell 411 is a platform and mobile app which allows users to manage and respond to potentially urgent and dangerous situations in real times.