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For example, the logic power consumption of the EM9D performing MP3 decode at 44.
Recordings were made in 24-bit WAV format with a sample rate of 44.
1 from Syntrillium Software Corporation) is used to adjust the sampling frequency to 44.
During a beach outing, they agreed that whoever stayed on their surfboard the longest would pick the rate--and thus 44.
This is the only DVD-A release in this batch of recordings, and it is a bit unusual in that it was recorded at 44.
Two pairs of independent DACs and ADCs; supports audio formats ranging from 16-24 bit, 44.
In either case, you should set the audio quality settings to a minimum of 16 bit, 44.
Additionally, an audio Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) library for 33 kHz, 44.
Linear PCM recording captures true-to-life sound recording, with 16 bit, 44.
Support for multiple audio sample rates, including 44.
Streams can be set at 18 Kbps (AM Radio Quality) up to 192 Kbps (CD Quality) at a sampling rate of 44.