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Until it is introduced, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to design Pentium II systems with the older 440FX chip set, currently used in its Pentium microprocessor.
The I(2)O-ready board, based on Intel's 440FX PCIset and the i960(R) RD I/O processor, is the second system board in a series using the Intel i960 I/O processor.
Micronics announced the I2O-ready M6DPi system board based on Intel's 440FX PCIset and the i960r I/O processor.
ClientPro(TM) XLU: The ClientPro XLU, based on the Intel(R) Pentium(R) II processor and Intel's 440FX chipset, is a high- performance desktop targeted to the technology-inclined business early adopter who wants reliable, high-performance, managed, personal computing with low cost of ownership.
features 5 PCI slots and the Intel 440FX chip set, designed for the
TYAN has a complete family of Pentium and Pentium Pro motherboards based on Intel's latest chip sets, including the 430TX, 430HX, 430VX and 440FX.
P6F40-B5, for "entry level, baby AT" PentiumPro systems, features 5 PCI slots and the Intel 440FX chip set.
Each Titana II system will include Intel Corporation's 440FX chipset, Toshiba CD-ROM drive, Yamaha OPL3 3D sound, deluxe tower case, 104 enhanced keyboard, hi-resolution mouse, and MS Office 97.
The systems feature Intel's 440FX Pentium Pro chipset and support from 32 to 256 megabytes of EDO memory.
TYAN's Talon AT utilizes Intel's newest and fastest Pentium Pro chipset, the 440FX PCIset.
Nasdaq: MCRN) today announced the W6-LI system board targeted to deliver RISC level performance with Intel's 440FX chipset at a competitive price.
0 System Configuration Performance PC Configuration -- Base Configuration: Matrox Millenium (4MB) Graphics Adapter, DPT PM2144UW Caching Controller, SCSI UW Seagate Cheetah 4LP HD, 1024x768x16 bits/pixel -- AMD-K6: FIC PA-2011, VP2 Chipset, 512K L2 Cache, 64MB SDRAM -- Pentium Pro: Tyan S1661, Intel 440FX Chipset, 256K L2 Cache, 64MB EDO DRAM -- Pentium w/ MMX: Gigabyte GA-586HX, Intel Triton HX Chipset, 512K L2 Cache, 64MB EDO DRAM