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Dan Francisco, Intel's chipset spokesperson, said that the company was evaluating a chipset using PC133 SDRAM chips, probably based on its 440LX chipset, for release in the first half of 2000.
Likewise, both the MX3L and AX3L utilize Intel 440LX AGP chipsets, and include 3 DIMM sockets to allow users to install either high-performance SDRAM or more cost-effective EDO memory.
Also, as a point solution for early PII systems containing the Intel 440LX Atlanta motherboard, Evergreen has designed the Performa 533 SE Celeron upgrade.
The Intel 440LX AGPset also provides additional advanced capabilities including SDRAM support (up to 384MB) and Ultra DMA/33 which allows faster disk I/O with improved data integrity.
The Micronics C300 is a single Pentium(R) II and Celeron desktop solution based on the Intel 440LX AGPset.
It enables high-performance graphics on all Pentium II systems with the 440BX and 440LX AGP chipset.
G6-300 with Home Essentials for $1,568: The G6-300 with Home Essentials features a 300MHz Pentium(R) II processor based on Intel's 440LX chipset.
The HM233G is an NLX form factor system that is based on the Intel 440LX chipset.
VideoWave is also bundled with Intel's Pentium II 440LX boxed motherboards as well as video capture hardware, including Iomega's Buz, ATI Technologies' All-in- Wonder Pro, Vista Imaging's ViCAM, Diamond Multimedia's Supra Video Kit and others.
The Creation Studio 300i+ and 333i+ provides Pentium II performance at 300 MHz or 333MHz and is available with single or dual processors and the Intel 440LX chipset.
This system features a 233 MHz Pentium(R) II processor based on Intel's 440LX chipset, Infotel 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter, 32 MB SDRAM, 3.
This full-featured PC includes up to a 300MHz Intel(R) Pentium(R) II processor, Intel's 440LX chip set, 64MB DRAM (expandable to 256MB), up to a 4GB hard drive, CD-ROM, 10/100 Ethernet, a PCI Slot and a full complement of ports.