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A TV set with a screen resolution of 3,840 horizontal and 2,160 vertical pixels (2160p). Also called "Ultra HD" or "UHD," most high-end TVs today are 4K TVs. With four times as many pixels as HDTV, 4K TVs use algorithms to "fill in the blanks." They upscale DVD (480p), Blu-ray (1080p) and cable TV (1080i) content to 2160p, which provides better visual quality especially noticeable on screens 55" and above. See Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Native 4K Content Makes a Difference
Movies shot with 4K cameras are native 4K, and they will always look the best on a 4K TV. Although some first-time users find little difference between native 4K and upscaled 2K content, it is very dependent on the type of imagery in the video frames. In addition, upscaled 2K content may be misrepresented as native 4K.

When 4K TVs emerged in 2012, Sony offered a few 4K feature films on a hard disk player for its 84" TVs and later offered a paid download service. As of 2016, cable and satellite providers are beginning to offer 4K set-top boxes, although 4K content is limited.

4K TVs Make Passive 3D TVs Better
Although passive 3D TVs have 1,080 lines of resolution, 540 lines are dedicated to each eye. With the 4K's 2,160 lines, a passive 4K 3D TV is able to provide the full 1080p resolution to each eye (see 4K 3D TV). See 4K resolution, 4K upscaling, 4K pass-through, 4K monitor and 2K TV.

High-Definition Resolutions2K    1920x1080 (see  DTV)

   4K    3840x2160

   5K    5120x2880 (see  5K monitor)

   6K    6144x3160 (see  6K resolution)

   8K    7680x4320 (see  8K TV)

Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player
In 2013, Sony introduced its 4K movie download service and FMP-X1 media player. Ten inches in diameter with USB ports and an SD Card slot, the unit's hard drive came preloaded with 10 feature films. It was superseded by the FMP-X10.
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