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local, national, international, or technical organization that gathers and distributes news, usually for newspapers, periodicals, and broadcasters. Evolution of News Agencies
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Associated Press


one of the largest information agencies in the USA, founded in 1848. It is an influential monopoly. For all practical purposes, the Associated Press, with United Press International, controls the news media of the United States in the interests of the ruling circles. The Associated Press has more than 100,000 employees (1970). News agencies in many other countries (including TASS) use its information.

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The Happy Crop Shoppe, 50 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee; marijuana retailer, change in license approved Oct.
Including National Airplay Top 50 Rock chart by "We Can Party" according to digitalradiotracker.
They were dancing to Kesha's 'Tick Tock' and got known on youtube as "Battalion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah".
When it hit YouTube, "Battalion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah" went viral until it mysteriously disappeared off the site on Monday, apparently taken down by the soldier who posted it.
It said: "The video 'Batallion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah' shows six dancing Nahal Brigade soldiers, armed and wearing bulletproof vests, patrolling as a Muslim call to prayer is heard.
As reported, 50 rock chip surface samples taken over a strike length of 1.
They also played a live session at the Glasgow store last night before a secret acoustic gig for 50 Rock Radio competition winners at Sloans Bar in the city's Arygle Arcade.
The highlight of Dylan's career was the 1966 album Blonde On Blonde, The Top 50 Rock Geniuses poll said.
A former senior editor at AP who left in frustration last June says the real reasons for Ahearn's departure may never be known outside the seventh floor at 50 Rock.
Right now the largest block of contiguous office space is a portion of the former Societe General space in 50 Rock on the 11th through 14th floors.
A total of 50 rock chip and grab samples from outcrop confirm the presence of significant and widespread copper mineralization consisting of disseminations and veins containing chalcocite, chalcopyrite and minor pyrite.
The Happy Crop Shoppe, 50 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee; written warning issued June 17 for selling unauthorized products.