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(WIRELESS High Definition) A short-range wireless video technology from the WirelessHD Consortium. Using the unlicensed 60 GHz band, WirelessHD (WiHD) transmits 1080p HD video from a data source to a TV within approximately 30 feet. With a data rate of 28 Gbps, Version 2.0 of the standard is capable of handling very high-speed data, including 3D and 4K video resolutions.

At 60 GHz, the five-millimeter wavelength is highly directional. However, in 2007, SiBEAM demonstrated CMOS chips that can bounce the signal off walls and objects using an array of up to 36 antennas on a 1" square surface. For more information, visit www.wirelesshd.com. See wireless USB, WiGig, WHDI and ISM band.

Automatic Redirection
As soon as a person interrupts the signal, WirelessHD uses another route to reach the TV; in this example by bouncing off the back wall. Using beamforming techniques, the transmitter is constantly scanning for alternate pathways to the receiver in order to make a quick switch if necessary (see beamforming). (Image courtesy of WirelessHD, LLC, www.wirelesshd.com)

The Wireless Home Theater
Introduced in 2014, Sharp's SD-WH1000U Blu-ray player offered the total wireless solution with WiHD wireless for video and WiSA wireless for audio. See WiSA. (Images courtesy of Sharp Electronics Corporation, www.sharpusa.com)
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11ad Wi-Fi solutions more than 60 GHz spectrum to bring further improvements to the speed and efficiency of data transfer.
11ad Wi-Fi solutions over 60 GHz spectrum to bring further improvements to the speed and efficiency of data transfer.
The United States led the way in creating the spectrum bands that led to Wi-Fi, in authorizing the unlicensed use of the spectrum at 60 GHz, and now is taking the lead for licensed millimeter wave mobile operations, and providing vastly more unlicensed frequencies above 60 GHz.
IDT) has collaborated with Blu Wireless Technology to demonstrate integrated wireless charging with ultra-fast 60 GHz WiGig data transmission, a combination that will enable consumers to charge their phones and tablets while streaming the highest quality 4K HD video and photos to their televisions and computersall without the need for cords.
com)-- LightPointe, the leading manufacturer of point to point wireless bridges, announced the introduction of next generation unlicensed 60 GHz radios, which provide longer distances than competing radios.
Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunications system vendor, announced today the introduction of its new Millimetre-Wave (mmWave), fully outdoor Ethernet radios, StreetNode(TM) V60-PTP and Ultralink(TM)-FX80, operating in the 60 GHz and 70/80 GHz bands respectively.
has selected Texas Instruments to supply the processor that will support its new HaulPass V60, a 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless broadband system developed to deliver low-latency Gigabit Ethernet wireless transport speeds for enterprise and carrier network services.
According to DragonWave, Horizon Compact+ is a ruggedised all-outdoor microwave product that delivers up to 1 Gb/s capacity in the 6 GHz to 60 GHz bands.
Previous attempts to use 60 GHz band for Wi-Fi had problems because data transmitted through a line of sight had weak penetration properties resulting in poor signal and data performance.
Washington, January 25 (ANI): Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have reached a step closer to realising rapid transfer of a high-definition movie from a PC to a cell phone, along with a host of other media and data possibilities, for they have produced a CMOS chip capable of transmitting 60 GHz digital RF signals.
Using the split-cylinder, split-post, and Fabry-Perot resonator methods, NIST scientists characterized substrates over a frequency range of 1 GHz to 60 GHz.
Our studies concern the use of metals such as iron, which resonate at much higher frequencies--over 60 GHz as opposed to a maximum of 40 GHz for YIG.