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POSDATA's POS-Watch line fully leverage Tvia CyberPro's extensive features including three independent video ports, programmable video scaler, enhanced on-chip encoder, six 10-bit video DACs with a double sampling clock for broadcast TV display, 24-bit digital RGB output, direct output to all worldwide TV standards, multiple composite video and S-Video outputs, component YPrPb outputs, multiple or simultaneous TV outputs, and the 64-bit graphics accelerator with alpha blending.
The new systems, geared for the small office/home office market, include features such as 75MHz to 133MHz Intel Pentium CPUs, 8Mb to 16Mb standard RAM of high-speed processing, 64-bit graphics accelerator, quad-speed CD-ROM and hard drives ranging up to 1.
4-inch poly-silicon TFT display and Trident's Cyber9525 64-bit graphics accelerator with 2.
However, graphics performance is significantly hindered with this memory configuration because the 64-bit graphics accelerator is accessing memory through a 32-bit wide memory bus.
The seven functions include FlexiBus(tm) CPU direct interface, NTSC/PAL TV encoder, 64-bit graphics accelerator, Video processor, Audio processor, Hardware alpha blending and Softmodem.
AMIBIOS 95, with its superior power management and complete PCI architecture, promises to fully exploit the US/DC's tightly coupled design, including is 64-bit graphics accelerator, unique true 64-bit memory subsystem, and 66MHz memory clock.
1-inch SVGA active matrix display, Intel 133MHz Pentium processor, 16MB EDO DRAM expandable to 80MB, 64-bit graphics accelerator with 2MB of EDO Video RAM, Zoomed Video port, Wavetable audio, and NTSC/PAL video output.
The driver and player is designed for ATI's entire family of 64-bit graphics accelerator products including the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO, GRAPHICS XPRESSION and WINTURBO cards and "mach64" graphics components.
The PowerTower Pro 225 Core Configurations, designed with a 225 MHz PowerPC 604e processor and 1MB of Level 2 cache, starts at $3,795 for a configuration of 16 MB of RAM, 2GB 5400 RPM hard drive, 8x CD-ROM drive, the ATI 64-bit graphics accelerator with 2MB of VRAM, on-board 10BaseT and AAUI Ethernet, internal fast SCSI (10MB/sec), dual SCSI, interleaved memory, six PCI expansion slots, nine drive bays, extended keyboard, mouse, and $2,695 in bundled software including Macromedia's Director 5.
The REALmagic3D multimedia accelerator (SD6430) is the first single chip 3D and 2D 64-bit graphics accelerator designed from scratch to meet the Microsoft Direct3D and DirectDraw APIs.
The REALmagic64/GX is a highly integrated single-chip that includes an optimized 64-bit graphics accelerator engine, unique motion-video acceleration hardware, an efficient PCI interface, a highly tuned memory interface with a fully compatible VGA controller and high-performance RAMDAC, all in a single 208-pin PQFP package.