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First, we need to know how big a slice of the potential Web audience is made up of 640x480 monitor users.
Almost 40 percent of nearly 7,700 respondents didn't know whether their computer monitors were set to a pixel resolution of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, or larger.
Although only 12 percent of the GVU respondents said they used 640x480, it's a safe bet a large number of the "don't know" people also use it.
If media sites are shooting for a consumer audience, there's another good reason to cling to 640x480 as a benchmark.
Conclusion: Though overall market share is slowly shrinking, 640x480 resolution is still valid as a low common denominator.
The constraints of 640x480 can't bind designers forever.
Computer: Hewlett Packard OmniBook 5000CTS, set to 640x480 screen resolution in 256 colors.
You can create pages that look good in the first screen at 640x480 resolution, and stretch to fit the width of larger browser windows.
The double-sided DVD-RAM disc can also hold 1,998 still images recorded at high resolution (1600x1200 for DZGX20A, 1280x960 for DZ-MV780A and 640x480 for DZ-MV750A).
3 megapixel (software interpolated) still photos, and true 640x480 videos with its high-quality CCD sensor.
OptioMX4 users further enjoy movie recording with 640x480 recording pixels at the rate of 30fps (frames per second) to achieve television quality recording.