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EasyFLash devices offer a low cost, trouble free means of adding external flash memory and programmable logic to embedded system designs using 8-bit CISC microcontrollers, such as the 8051 or 68HC11.
In addition to the four general-purpose digital outputs, the MC145173 allows direct interface to Motorola's SPI data port," Babin said, "supporting 68HC11 and selected 68HC05 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), 68HC16 16-bit MCUs, and the 6833x family of 32-bit MCUs.
They overcome several serious obstacles associated with in-system parallel programming that occur with certain popular MCUs, like the 80C31 or the 68HC11.
Motorola's 68HC11 family is an industry standard high-performance, 8-bit microcontroller architecture.
Most conventional MCUs, such as the 68HC11 or the 8031 do not have flash-based program store.
At the heart of the 8600X terminal is Motorola's 68HC11 microprocessor which powers all of the product's new features including not only EPG and virtual channels but on-screen menus, bit-mapped graphics, downloadable software, and an advanced messaging capability.
When you consider that a typical 3-volt 68HC11 draws only 4 mA, that is a tremendous increase in power consumption," Raun explained.
Motorola's Cellular phones depend on many of the company's semiconductors, such as the industry-standard 68HC11 microcontroller.
This market segment includes the ubiquitous 8-bit microprocessor such as the Intel 8051 clones and the Motorola 68HC11, 16-bit microprocessor such as the Intel 80186 and the Motorola 68HC16 and many 32-bit processors such as the Intel 80386 and Motorola 68xxx series and numerous 32-bit embedded RISC microprocessors, including the MPS, SuperH, PowerPC and arm architectures from Silicon Graphics, Hitachi, IBM and Advanced RISC machines, respectively.
TM) real-time executives supporting 80x86, 68xxx, 68HC11, 68HC16, Z80/64180, 8051, 8096/196 and i960 microprocessors, and GOFAST(R) floating point application accelerators featuring link-and-go 80x86 C compiler support for Microsoft(R), Borland, Intel(R), WATCOM(R) and MetaWare(R) compilers.
1) A typical 8- or 16-bit MCU, such as a 68HC11 or 80196, running with a 16 MHz clock frequency, will result in a 4 MHz bus.
6, 1997--New fuzzy logic development tools for the 8-bit 68HC11 and 16-bit 68HC12 microcontroller families were announced today by Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector and Inform Software Corp.