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Faraday's 28nm HLP 7-track miniLib(TM), with an optimal balance of size, performance, and power consumption, provides a rich set of cell functions for efficient logic arrangement, and abundant driving strengths for fast timing closure.
The first tape drives implemented a 7-track recording format on an eight-inch diameter reel and had a linear recording density of 100 bits per inch and had a capacity of 1MB or the equivalent of 12,500 punched cards.
Think of the extinct formats: 78-rpm records, 2-inch quad-scan videotape, phonograph cylinders, paper tape, 80-column punch cards, 100-column punch cards, 7-track digital tape, reel-to-reel audio tape, 8-track tapes, 8-millimeter movies.
The 7-track agenda drills-down to the level you need when it comes to next stage virtualization, cloud computing, power & cooling, servers and storage, cost optimization, TCO and IT operations excellence, aging infrastructures and the 21st-century data center, , consolidation, workload management, procurement, and major platforms.
The 3-series cell libraries, 7-track miniLib(TM), 8-track generic libraries, and 12-track UHS-Lib(TM) are all equipped with the low-power management of PSK cells and multi-Vt options.
The Cortex-M7 processor is ideally suited for implementation using the ARM Artisan 7-track SC7 Ultra High Density Standard Cell Library and Power Management Kit (PMK)