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An IEEE standard for a CSMA/CD local area network access method, which is used in Ethernet, the most common LAN technology. Following are the major Ethernet standards. See 10Base-T, 100Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet and CSMA/CD.

IEEE      SpeedStandard  (Mbps)   Common Name

 802.3i       10    Ethernet

 802.3u      100    Fast Ethernet

 802.3z     1000    GigE over Fiber

 802.3ab    1000    GigE over Copper

 802.3ae   10000    10 Gig over Fiber

 802.3bm   40000    40 Gig over Fiber
 802.3bm  100000    100 Gig over Fiber

 802.3bp    1000    GigE for vehicles

 802.3bs  200000    200 Gig over Fiber
 802.3bs  400000    400 Gig over Fiber

 802.3bv    1000    GigE over Fiber
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The new study group expects to lay the groundwork for a new Media Access Control (MAC) rate that will enable cost-optimized single-lane solutions that will increase network deployment efficiency, said Mark Nowell, chair of the IEEE 802.
We continue to seek to streamline the early stages of work of potential future IEEE 802.
The new study group expects to lay the groundwork for another single twisted pair technology standard and future proof these systems, while maintaining traditional Ethernet compatibility with higher-performance 1000BASE-T1 links that may also be used in the car, said Thomas HogenmE-ller, chair of the IEEE 802.
Widely deployed for physical-layer connectivity in data centers, IEEE 802.
With a tremendous expansion in the number of Ethernet nodes in automobiles forecasted, the efficiencies to be realized in reducing wire pairs to achieve Gigabit Ethernet networking speeds will be of growing importance to that industry," said Steve Carlson, chairperson of the IEEE 802.
We are driving a global, industry-wide assessment now of the needs of the people who are ultimately going to use the next generation of Ethernet wireline standards," said John D'Ambrosia, chair of the IEEE 802.
3bg project aims to provide multiple system operators and telecommunications operators with an IEEE 802.