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EE's May 1989 issue included a description of Rockland Scientific's System/90 FFT Analyzer that used five TMS320C25 DSPs and was hosted by an 80286 PC with an 80287 math coprocessor.
Su primer producto en el mercado fue una PC con procesador Intel 80286, disco duro de 5MB, memoria RAM de 64K, unidad magnetica de 5.
IBM introduces the PC-AT, based on the 80286 Intel chip.
The installed base of x86 microprocessors created by IBM's success in the PC market segment (with Intel's 8088 and 80286 microprocessors) had significantly and fortuitously shifted bargaining power in Intel's favor.
Each vendor that brought out an "IBM Compatible" PC also went to Intel for its processors, the 8088 and 8086 for the first generation of PC compatibles, then as IBM and Compaq introduced new generations of systems, the 80286, 80386, and 80486.
Running continuously since its installation in 1988, the control system utilises industrial IBM 80286 personal computers to regulate a grinding circuit comprising twelve 16.
Hardware requirements are an IBM-PC or compatible with 80286 or higher CPU and 640K RAM.
When Lotus 123 was released without a version for the TI Professional, I bought a TI Business Pro, which was compatible with the IBM PC AT, meaning it had the next generation of Intel microprocessor--the 80286.
I owned an 80286 clone that came with its own keyboard.
Based on a 80286 PC for all the non real-time CNC functions like display, program entry, editing, and communications, a second processor was connected by high-speed serial link for all real-time motion control requirements.
Computer manufacturers produced machines with 80386 chips using a 80286 motherboard that meant that although the processor worked faster, the machine could only function at the speed and bit path of the motherboard.
Minimum system requirements for the single-user version are: IBM or compatible PC with 80286 processor (80386 or faster processor recommended), MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.