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The VRTX x86/rm Application Development Kit provides the embedded 80x86 developer building real-time applications under 1MB in size with a simple, fast, and cost effective means to complete the software portion of the project," said Paul Rosenfeld, manager of Microtec's PCX86 Business Unit.
The VRTXsa Developer's Kit for Windows for 68000/68300 and 80x86 processor families is priced at $5800 (single user price), representing a 25% discount over the price of the products sold separately.
Founded in 1984, CAD-UL is recognized as the industry leader in embedded software development tools for the Intel 80x86 family of microprocessors.
Subsequent releases will be made available for 80x86 and Pentium target processors during 1998.
Shepherd's 15 year development experience encompasses COM, C++, C, Microsoft Windows SDK, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Borland Object Windows Library, Borland Delphi, OS/2 Presentation Manager, Gupta SQL, Raima Object Manager, dBase III+/Clipper, Pascal, Modula-2, 80x86 assembly language and Basic.
This unique design is capable of interpreting the microcode and executing the instruction sets for the Intel 80x86 (Pentium(TM)-486), the Motorola 680x0 (Apple Macintosh (TM)) or the MIPS R3000 processors.
2 (text only) -- Japanese and English character support Interfaces -- CPU Interface (Generic 80x86 CPU Interface) -- SRAM Interface -- Physical Layer Interface (RS232C serial port and synchronous parallel port) -- Decoder Interface (Interface can be used to add a DSP for GIF/JPEG decoding) -- Font Metrics (Supports mono space fonts) -- AT Keyboard Interface (Available only in sample chip) Device technology -- Source Voltage: 3.
the Intel 960 and 80X86 families as well as the Motorola 680X0 and 683XX
Decorum is fully configurable and can be run on a 680x0, Intel 80x86, SPARC, AMD 29k, and I960 RISC microprocessor, among others.
June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Microtec(R) today announces the world's most comprehensive 80x86 embedded software development tool suite and embedded operating system product line, making Microtec the only single-source provider of tools and operating systems for the rapidly growing embedded 80x86 marketplace.
4 for SPARC and Intel 80x86 and Pentium-based systems, and HP 9000 workstations and servers running HP-UX versions 9.
For example, hardware designs incorporating the video technology can be implemented on Intel 80X86, PowerPC or Digital Signal Processor (DSP)-based platforms.