9/11 Commission

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9/11 Commission:

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the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, in the United States, and the associated events and impact of those attacks.

The attacks, which were carried out by agents of Al Qaeda (a militant Islamic terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden) used three hijacked commercial
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The 9-11 commission required that first responders should have interoperable communications.
The 2005 law stems from recommendations by the 9-11 Commission.
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, aka the 9-11 Commission, later determined that such a meeting did not take place, as AP reported.
An Al-Qaeda operative quoted in the 9-11 Commission report described Nashiri as widely known to be one of Al-Qaeda's most committed terrorists, "extreme in ferocity in waging jihad.
The group, headed by former 9-11 commission leaders Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, laid out a detailed description of domestic terror incidents such as the Fort Hood shooting spree last year in which 13 people died; the attempt to crash an airliner in December as it was landing at Detroit, Michigan; and last May's botched vehicle bombing in New York City's Times Square.
The two leaders of the 9-11 Commission report conceded they were stopped by Commission members from hearing testimony on the motivation for 9-11: the U.
Five years ago, the 9-11 Commission Report bluntly observed that "congressional oversight for intelligence - and counter-terrorism - is now dysfunctional.
Roemer, a member of the 9-11 Commission and adviser to President-elect Barack Obama's campaign, said during an interview that he believes the Obama Administration will act on the recommendation "fairly quickly.
The reality is that -- as the 9-11 Commission concluded and as numerous polls conducted throughout the Islamic world show -- "they" do not hate us for our freedoms, way of life, culture, accomplishments, or values.
The 9-11 Commission never looked into any of these details and the Bush Administration reportedly tried to whitewash and limit the scope of the investigation.
David Ray Griffin, author of a book on the 9-11 attacks called The New Pearl Harbor, as well as The 9-11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.
Indeed, the 9-11 Commission deferred to Giuliani as if he were a counter-terrorist pioneer, seeking his advice on organizing the FBI and preparing for future attacks.