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3) Word-propositions, which are always positive facts, but are of two kinds: one verified by a positive objective, the other by a negative objective.
I miss something," he himself confesses, "common worship, a positive religion, shared with other people.
Duty has the virtue of making us feel the reality of a positive world, while at the same time detaching us from it.
I cannot pretend to offer a positive opinion until I know more of the particulars connected with this extraordinary business than I find communicated either in your letter or in your maid's.
They might have copied the second article of the existing Confederation, which would have prohibited the exercise of any power not EXPRESSLY delegated; they might have attempted a positive enumeration of the powers comprehended under the general terms "necessary and proper"; they might have attempted a negative enumeration of them, by specifying the powers excepted from the general definition; they might have been altogether silent on the subject, leaving these necessary and proper powers to construction and inference.
Had the convention attempted a positive enumeration of the powers necessary and proper for carrying their other powers into effect, the attempt would have involved a complete digest of laws on every subject to which the Constitution relates; accommodated too, not only to the existing state of things, but to all the possible changes which futurity may produce; for in every new application of a general power, the PARTICULAR POWERS, which are the means of attaining the OBJECT of the general power, must always necessarily vary with that object, and be often properly varied whilst the object remains the same.
Had they attempted to enumerate the particular powers or means not necessary or proper for carrying the general powers into execution, the task would have been no less chimerical; and would have been liable to this further objection, that every defect in the enumeration would have been equivalent to a positive grant of authority.
In that case he has a positive genius for covering up his tracks.
Thirawit Leetavorn, Double A senior executive vice president said, "As one of the biggest paper manufacturers in Thailand, it is our responsibility to have a positive social and environmental impact.
I just hope I'm being a positive influence with the decision they make, whether it's for the playoff roster or this week.
I expect Rio will also use his past disappointments in a positive way.
The TRA '97 Committee Report states, "the provision have a positive impact on compliance with the tax laws.