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The ACC scheme provides personal injury cover for all New Zealand citizens, to residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, irrespective of fault.
Additionally, the ACC will co-fund the purchase of new recycling containers and will provide public relations, marketing and logistics resources to the county to help disseminate recycling messages and to measure their effectiveness.
In the last three years (2004 to 2006), ECUSA's contribution to the ACC totaled $1.
In the past few years, ACC has completed renovations and construction on numerous major hospitals and medical centers.
Given that the ACC began crafting a strategic growth plan two years ago, it would seem a vote to grow would be a no-brainer.
The court then concluded that the salaries and benefits related to the loan contracts actually acquired had to be capitalized because, "but for ACC'S anticipated acquisition of installment contracts, ACC would not have incurred the salaries and benefits attributable to those activities.
ACC produces iron, steel and nonferrous castings for a wide variety of equipment, capital goods and consumer markets.
As reported previously, manufacturers that have entered into joint-development agreements with the ACC in SRIM composite structure research include GenCorp Automotive, Akron, Ohio; Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Ashtabula, Ohio; CertainTeed Corp.
The chemical cascade leading to ethylene' synthesis ends with the production of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid, or ACC, by a plant enzyme called ACC synthase.
This is the first step in a broader business transformation initiative that ACC undertook to improve operational efficiency and adaptability.