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(ä`dō), city (1987 est. pop. 287,000), SW Nigeria. Located in a region where rice, corn, cassava, and yams are grown. Traditionally an important cotton-weaving town, Ado also manufactures bricks, tile, and pottery. Ado was the capital of the YorubaYoruba
, people of SW Nigeria and Benin, numbering about 20 million. Today many of the large cities in Nigeria (including Lagos, Ibadan, and Abeokuta) are in Yorubaland.
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 Ekiti state that was probably founded in the 15th cent. It alternated between independence and subjection to BeninBenin
, city (1991 est. pop. 203,000), S Nigeria, a port on the Benin River. Palm nuts and timber are produced nearby and processed in Benin, which is the center of Nigeria's rubber industry. Furniture and carpets are also made. The Univ.
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 until the British gained control in 1894. The city is sometimes known as Ado-Ekiti.

Vabbe, Adolf (Ado) Georgievich


Born Mar. 19 (31), 1892, in Tapa; died Apr. 20, 1961, in Tartu. Soviet painter and graphic artist. Honored Art Worker of the Estonian SSR (1946).

Vabbe studied in Munich at the studio of A. Ažbè (1911-13). He was a founding member of the “Pallas” group in Tartu (1918). Vabbe taught in Tartu at the Pallas Higher School of Art (1919-40), at the K. Mägi Higher School of Art (1940-41), and at the Art Institute (1944-50). From 1938 he held the rank of professor. Vabbe’s students included A. Bach-Liimand, A. Johani, and E. Kits. During the years 1953-56, Vabbe directed an experimental graphic workshop in Tallinn. He was influenced by impressionism and futurism (the paintings In the Café, 1918, private collection, Tartu; River Port, 1938, and Family With an Automobile, 1960—both in the Tartu Art Museum). Vabbe also made a notable contribution to the development of Estonian book graphics.


Professor A. Vabbe: Kataloog. Tartu, 1962.



(ActiveX Data Objects) A programming interface from Microsoft that is designed as "the" Microsoft standard for data access. First used with Internet Information Server, ADO is a set of COM objects that provides an interface to OLE DB. The three primary objects are Connection, Command and Recordset. The Connection object establishes a connection with a particular database management system (DBMS) or other data source. It can also send a query to the database. The Command object is an alternate way of sending a query to the database, and the Recordset object contains the resulting answer, which is a group of records. See OLE DB, RDO, DAO and ODBC.

Object Libraries
ADO provides several object libraries for processing data. ADODB (ADO DataBase) is used to establish connections and retrieve recordsets. ADOX (ADO eXtension for Data Definition Language and Security) is used to create a database schema and create tables as well as deal with security issues. JRO (Jet and Replication Objects) is used to replicate and compact Microsoft Jet databases.

ADO.NET is the .NET version of ADO, which is substantially different from ADO. It supports XML documents and relies on .NET Data Providers as an interface layer between the application and the databases.

ADO Interfaces
These are the various ways applications can access data sources using ADO and other Microsoft interfaces.
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relational (ODBC) data model, ADO is designed for the more powerful
The NSWNMA is of the view that any rectification process should be undertaken when both problems have been resolved, thus resulting in a single recalculation of ADO entitlements from the inception of StaffLink.
Much Ado About Nothing will be performed in some of the most beautiful estates and gardens across the UK.
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Much Ado won't be a hit to match Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet (1996), but anyone giving the benefit of the doubt to the man who created Buffy The Vampire Slayer won't be disappointed.
Half of these are in Kenya, while Ethiopia now hosts 214,000 - in camps at Dollo Ado and several hundred kilometres to the north at Jijiga.
According to this Much Ado, the war is over - though not between Benedick and Beatrice
Since the port has capital available, and it already plays a major economic role in the county, it's likely to have an easier time managing the ADO system.
ASUR was informed by Inversiones y Tecnicas Aeroportuarias SAPI de CV (ITA), Grupo Ado SA de CV (ADO), and Fernando Chico Pardo that they have agreed to appoint Fernando Chico Pardo and Jose Antonio Perez Anton to ASUR's board of directors.
In August of last year, it were anti-Semitic slogans which were the subject of a summary proceedings court case brought by the Stichting Bestrijding Antisemitisme (hereafter: BAN), a foundation fighting anti-Semitism, against the Dutch top league football club ADO Den Haag.