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The two-day gathering, dubbed "Jerusalem Session," is the first AFJ event held in Palestine.
Awards: AFJ (Australian Fruit Juices) Cocktail Challenge 2011 - Winner
Saghma Mohammed, of PPDG, said: "The training provides people with an excellent opportunity to gain the qualifications needed to begin a new career as a minibus driver and AFJ Travel has agreed to consider them as potential recruits when any vacancies for new drivers arise at the firm.
Tijssen RJW, De Leeuw J, Van Raan AFJ (1987) Cuasi-correspondence analysis on square scientometric transaction matrices.
The goals of the report are laudable but as you can see from our assessment, we do have a number of concerns and identified a number of weaknesses," said Nan Aron, president of AFJ, which issued an eight-page analysis.
While the decision eliminates" some of the limitations on nonprofit speech," AFJ said "this new avenue of free speech might be overshadowed by a flood of for-profit corporate money into elections.