AGP graphics

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The P620 also provides an LVDS bus with backlight control connectors to support flat panel displays, and a 4X AGP bus to support high-end AGP graphics devices via a PMC site.
2GHz mobile processor, 128Mb memory, a 20Gb hard drive, an Intel 4x AGP graphics card and an 8X DVD drive.
Previous Pentium processors and Pentium-based systems included a northbridge bus, which is the faster bus that connects the CPU, main memory, and AGP graphics adapter.
3dfx Interactive's new Voodoo5 5500 AGP graphics accelerator card went on sale in the UK yesterday (12 June).
GMS' Angelo module, for example, provides a plug-and-play option for adding high-performance AGP graphics.
The company has also added a DVD-ROM drive, AGP graphics and support for Apple's AirPort wireless networking to the 350MHz configuration, upgrading the model to the same architecture used in the 400MHz and 450Mhz configurations.
Powerline GX is designed to deliver both 2D and 3D video performance and features a 128-bit based 16Mb AGP graphics card, a graphics accelerator and a choice of Intel's Pentium III, II Xeon or III Xeon processors as well as either SMART capable, Ultra DMA or Ultra 2 SCSI storage disks.
Included are dual 10/100-Mbit/sec Ethernet interfaces (twisted pair), a 40-Mbyte/sec UltraWide SCSI interface, and a 64-bit AGP graphics engine with four Mbytes of video RAM optimized for 3D rendering.
The Dimension 4100 series systems are powered by Intel Pentium III processors with speeds up to 933 MHz and the new Intel 815E chipset that supports 4X AGP graphics, 133MHz Front-Side Bus (FSB), 133 MHz SDRAM memory support and other high-performance features.