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Carolyn has been an independent insurance agent for almost 28 years, having gained valuable experience as an agent for Mass Mutual and Minnesota Life insurance companies and with AKL since 2004.
com office telephone: 304-586-2556 office fax: 304-586-2568 mail: Carolyn Mullins AKL Insurance Group PO Box 627 Winfield, WV 25213
For the final match 21 corporate jets visited AKL and the following day 15,000 international passengers were processed through departures, a new record at the time.
AKL has worked hand-in-hand with Tourism New Zealand and its airline partners for a number of years in developing sustainable traffic growth and the most notable statistics from 2011 were that visitors from Singapore and India rose by 23% and 14% respectively
Ronald van de Meer, a cofounder of AKL in 1990, is the new technical manager at the company's plant in Warburg, Germany.
AKL also maintains a strong support staff to provide excellent customer service.
With the help of AKL "we were able to solve our need within an hour" reports Steve Brown, Agency Manager, "without AKL's contacts in the marketplace, critical coverage for the WVSMA would have been in jeopardy" the agency's manager continued.
The partnership with AKL gives us a springboard for further advancing the quality and workflow of ITR technology.