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Greece: see AthosAthos
, Aktí
, or Akte
, easternmost of the three peninsulas of Khalkidhikí, c.130 sq mi (340 sq km), NE Greece, in Macedonia. The narrow, northern base of the peninsula was once cut by canal dug by the Persians during Xerxes' invasion of Greece
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They showed that AKT comes in three distinct varieties residing in different kinds of brain cells and affecting brain health in very distinct ways.
Dysregulation of AKT is also a driver of certain rare proliferative disorders such as Proteus syndrome.
The majority of the patients who responded to AKT alone were those with pure ascitic forms of tuberculosis.
In this study, by employing adrenocortical carcinoma H295R cells [18-22], we examined the interaction between Ang II and insulin/IGF-1 in ERK and AKT signaling pathways and expression of steroidogenic enzymes in the cells.
The NIH Proteus syndrome team is headed by researchers who originally discovered the somatic single (point) mutation in the AKT 1 oncogene that causes Proteus syndrome.
It is hoped the treatment will work for people who have stopped responding to hormone therapy by blocking a molecule called AKT which scientists think causes resistance to hormone treatment.
AKT activation up-regulates insulin- like growth factor I receptor expression and promotes invasiveness of human pancreatic cancer cells.
Following the meeting, the participants decided to hold the next meeting of ministers/heads of anti-drug agencies of the AKT Initiative under the UNODC regional program for Afghanistan and neighboring countries for 2011-2015, in late May-early June 2014 in Dushanbe.
Studies in mice constitutively overexpressing active AKT protein in pancreatic islets (caAKTtg) showed that AKT induces hypertrophy, hyperplasia and hyperinsulinemia.
The loan amount from this deal will be used as a working capital facility to aid AKT with exporting Coking Coal to markets such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and India that have large steel manufacturing industries.
De esta manera, otorgan evidencia sobre la perdida de la regulacion del crecimiento celular ante la desregulacion de la via de PI3K/ AKT, causada por la inactivacion de estos genes cruciales (Figura 3) (58).